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Back to School with Personalized Embroidered Products: Adding Style and Practicality to Your Kid's Gear!

At the end of 2023, many parents would have received an email from their children’s schools reminding them to check lost property for any misplaced belongings. On inspection of my children’s lost property, I was greeted by a mountain of unclaimed jumpers, jackets, and other necessary items that caregivers acquire to support their children’s schooling. Imagine the value of having your child’s name on their belongings for easy identification!


The Value of Personalisation

Personalised items are a practical and fun for school-going kids. Having their names on their belongings fosters a sense of ownership, reduces the chances of mix-ups, and helps kids feel special. This can be particularly lovely if you child doesn’t sport a frequently used name like Charlotte or Oliver which were the number one names for girls and boys in 2023.


Range of Products Available

At Sarah Anne and Little Lion, we have a gorgeous semi commercial embroidery machine that can be used on a variety of items. If it fits in the embroidery hoop and the fabric isn’t too delicate, we can embroider it! We have a variety of personalised embroidered products available, such as:

Painting smocks: Ideal for art classes, keeping clothes clean, and fostering creativity.

Library bags: Perfect for carrying books and ensuring they don't get mixed up with others'.

Face washers and towels: Great for personal hygiene and easy identification in shared spaces. These are great for adults too, adding a touch of luxury to your skin care regime!

Flannelette PJs: A gorgeous and functional gift for all ages!

Pillow cases: Make bedtime more fun with a personalised pillow case!

Giant bibs: Gorgeous bibs that are practical in design are made more special with baby’s name on it. Another great gift!

Swimming towels and bags: A great option to keep swimming gear in one spot. The bags are light weight for quick drying and have a handy pocket for goggles and other small items.

We can also embroider names onto other items of clothing on request.


Why Embroidered Products Stand Out

The benefits of choosing embroidered items over other personalization methods lies in the durability of embroidered products. They won’t peel or fray and are resistant to fading or washing off. Overall, embroidered items are durable, high quality, with high aesthetic appeal.


Customization Options

The customisation options available include choosing fonts, colours, and designs for the embroidery. We can also offer additional personalisation like including fun characters or motifs.


Practical Benefits for Parents

The practical benefits for parents include easy identification of your child's items in a sea of school belongings, reducing lost property, and minimizing replacement costs. They are also really fun!


Testimonials and Customer Satisfaction

Below are real-life testimonials from parents and kids who have used personalized embroidered products. You can see the positive experiences of the user and how these items made a difference in their routine.

Daisy (11 years old): “I love my personalised netball jacket. It has my school logo on it, and it has my name on it so people know that it is mine. It is different and it makes me feel special”.

Gretel (11 years old): “It is really comfy and warm (personalised jacket). I really like how it has my name on it in a print that I can read. I also like that it doesn’t have to have a tag because it already has my name on it”.

Sarah (14 years old): “I lose my stuff a lot and it has my name on it so people know to return it to me. It also makes it easy to find in the lost and found box at school”.

Tara (many years old): “I love my personalised face washers. In a house full of people, I know which face washers are mine and the family knows not to use them!”.


To summarise, personalised embroidered products are fun, functional, durable, and can save money and time with the easy identification of belongings. We would love to help you get back to school ready, so explore our range of personalised products or contact for personalised orders.

#ItHasMyNameOnIt: Personalized Embroidered Products, Adding a Touch of Personality and Practicality to Your Kid's School Gear!