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Customise My Nursery

Sarah Anne and Little Lion started in 2009 when I couldn't find a well-fitting sheet for my Baby Jogger City Select pram bassinet. Since then, the range has expanded to include more than ten pram bassinets, several cots, a couple of toddler beds and some fancy mini cribs.

We receive frequent requests for custom orders. Sometimes requests are for a specific colour or fabric for their sheets, and other times it is a request for an item we don't currently have in the range. A fabric request is super easy – you can even send me the fabric you'd like to use. This is an excellent option if you'd like to upcycle some old linen - talk about being eco-friendly!

 A unique size request can be a little trickier. Rectangular-shaped mattresses are easy to accommodate, but when there are curves, the perfect fit can be more difficult without physically working with the mattress.

There is a relatively easy solution to this problem – send me a template! When Sue requested a custom order to fit her Babyhood travel bassinet, all she had to do was lay the mattress on some wrapping paper, carefully trace around it and pop the tracing in the post for me to use as a template. Easy! You can also use newspaper taped together or any other large piece of paper to create the template.

Whether you have an unusually shaped cot, bassinet or other foam pad, Sarah Anne and Little Lion can customise a solution for you.