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Why the different shape Leander? The enhanced Leander change pad

Custom nursery Leander Leander change table

Leander beats Stokke in the change mat department – because it is waterproof! But that is where the benefits end. The Leander change pad is designed to cover two thirds of the top – a design supposedly intended so the remaining space can be used for wipes and other items handy to have around in the nappy changing process. The side of the pad are contoured to support the baby staying on the mat and importantly, the pad itself is hygienically waterproof. The problem with waterproof change mats of course is when the seams start to split exposing inner foam to some less than delightful fluids. The design may seem sound, but it can also result in a messy looking nursery. Even with some exceptional sewing skills, it is tricky to get a clean looking fit on any cover that goes on top, and the waterproofing (while hygienic) is also pretty crinkly – not ideal for those late-night nappy changes!

In my quest for designing beautiful and functional baby solutions, I have created a new change pad that addresses all the weaknesses in the Leander change pad.

The Sarah Anne and Little Lion change pad is a streamlined product that cover the entire top of the change table surface. This gives you more space when changing baby, especially when they start to get wriggly. A soft and comfortable foam is used that would make Goldilocks happy – not too thick and not too thin – with a poly cotton cover encasing the whole pad. “But that’s not waterproof!” I hear you say. No problem, because I have a full range of waterproof covers that will protect the pad, are machine washable and can be custom made in your choice of colour or pattern to get your nursery exactly right.

So, what are the options for the Sarah Anne and Little Lion change pad to fit the Leander change table? There are so many! All feature an elasticated underside – just like a fitted sheet for beds – making it easy to get them on and off. This is a vital feature when dealing with some of the messier nappy changing situations – one step to remove before popping the cover in the wash! Here are some of the available types of change pad covers:

    Waterproof with Custom Upper Layer - All in one waterproof covers.
    These covers have a waterproof underside with a custom upper fabric. You can choose from a large range of in stock fabric or request something to be custom made. You can even send me your pre-purchased fabric – who doesn’t like a trip to the fabric store? I can also upcycle your old sheets or quilt cover – I love this sustainable option and giving old items a new life. Most of these covers are machine washable – this depends on the choice of upper fabric. For example, a delicate fabric may last longer if handwashed and certain fabrics should not be tumble dried. If you are after a robust and machine washable cover, I can customise to your needs.
      Single layer machine washable waterproof covers.
      These covers are available in limited colours depending on current stock. They are available in standard white knit polyester and a range of colours in fluffy minky fabric. Super durable, these can be machine washed and tumble dried (not on a hot cycle to protect the waterproofing!)
        Waterproof wipe down covers.
        I love these covers to use underneath a non-waterproof cover. There are certain fabrics subject to shrinkage such as cotton towelling that make an all-in-one cover less desirable. This is where the wipe down cover wins every time. Pop it on and leave it on. You can remove a soiled upper non waterproof cover and simply wipe down the waterproof layer before fitting a fresh upper layer cover.
          Non-waterproof covers.
          The last type of cover is the no-waterproof covers. As mentioned above, these are covers made of fabric that tends to shrink a bit with washing. Within my range, this tends to encompass 100% cotton terry towelling covers that are particularly popular with the Stokke Care change pad. I absolutely recommend using these covers with the waterproof wipe down covers – this will hygienically protect your change pad when using a non-waterproof cover.

            As always, I am extremely happy to facilitate custom orders. Maybe you have a particular colour, pattern, or other theme in mind for your nursery, or perhaps you have a favourite quilt cover you would like to repurpose. Sarah Anne and Little Lion can take care of your custom nursery needs.


            Have a look at my website for available options