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The Stokke Care Change Pad - What Are My Options?

Stokke. It may be my all-time favourite baby brand. We started our Stokke journey with the Sleepi cot and splurged on the stunning Sleepi Mini bassinet for our fourth baby. 

Now, I can tell you that I was mightily surprised to discover that the Stokke Care change pads are not waterproof. Nappy changing time can be a messy affair and the last thing you need to worry about is getting a foam pad soiled multiple times a day. This is where I can help with my custom range of covers to fit the Stokke Care change pad. All covers have an elastic opening on the underside to make it easy to get the covers on and off. This also allow any big messes to be scooped up – you do not want to be worrying about fiddly openings and fastenings when dealing with a nappy blowout.

The first thing to find out is whether you have the Old Care or New Care change table. The original Old Care table is slightly larger and was replaced by the New Care size in 2009. Customising to the Old and New Care sizes means that you get a beautiful fit on the change pad, so your nursery looks it’s best. If you are not sure which size you have, simply measure the change pad using the guide below to find out: 

Measurements of the New Care™ mattress: 
Length 74 cm/ 29,13 inch 
Width 61 cm/ 24,02 inch 
Width 51 cm/ 20,08 inch 

Measurements of the Old Care™ mattress: 

Length 74 cm/ 29,13 inch  

Width 72 cm/ 28,35 inch  

Width 55 cm/ 21,65 inch 

Once you have determined the size of you change pad, there are several options for covers: waterproof wipe down, waterproof machine washable, minky waterproof, waterproof with custom upper layer and 100% cotton terry (not waterproof).  

Waterproof Wipe Down Covers 

The waterproof wipe down cover is intended to use underneath another cover (e.g., the Stokke branded terry covers) to protect the change mat from any spills. The waterproof cover is designed to stay on the change pad – simply take off the soiled upper cover, wipe down the waterproof cover with a baby wipe or damp cloth to clean and replace the upper cover. It is made of a PVC fabric so needs to be handled with care. It can be handwashed if required but a wipe down after any spills is generally all the maintenance that it will be required. 

Waterproof Machine Washable Covers 

Made with a premium quality polyester knit fabric with a polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof layer on the underside, this cover is machine washable and extremely hard wearing. The PUL fabric has been shown to endure 300 washes at 90 degrees C and still show no signs of wear. PUL is a soft and quiet fabric; there will be no crinkling with this cover! Available in plain white, this is an alternative to the wipe down cover if you are looking for something machine washable.

Minky Waterproof Covers

The minky waterproof covers are available in several different colours to add some fun to the nursery. The minky fabric is super soft and fluffy with a polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof layer on the underside. It is machine washable and a lower cost option as it is simpler to make.

Waterproof with Custom Upper Layer

Now this is where the fun starts! This option allows me to customize your nursery to almost anything. The same durable PUL fabric is used in these covers as in the waterproof machine washable cover meaning the waterproofing will last long after you finish changing nappies. The options are vast for the upper layer – quilted, prints, satin, cotton, fleece and more. I love taking custom orders for this type of cover and I can also coordinate with sheets! These covers are all machine washable unless requesting an upper fabric that is very delicate.

100% Cotton Terry Covers

The final type of cover is the 100% cotton terry. These are available in a range of colours and sometimes includes limited edition printed terry. These covers are not waterproof, and it is recommended to use them with the wipe down or machine washable waterproof covers. The terry covers are machine washable.


I also have replacement pads in both the Old Care and The New Care sizes which can be packaged with your choice of covers. All the covers are handmade by me in the shop in Glandore, South Australia. Custom is easy, so if you have something particular in mind please let me know. Happy nappy changing!