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Spend $150 and save 10%. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.
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Leander Collection

Custom linen to suit your Leander Nursery

 Leander Classic Change Table

Leander Change Table

Custom change table pads to cover the entire top and custom waterproof covers available in this collection. These are a great option for a more streamline look and more hygienic with waterproof covers

Leander Cradle

In the Leander Classic™ cradle, your child lies soft and safe, as in a small, comfortable nest. The cradle hangs from a single point - either from the ceiling or in a tripod.

Mattress dimensions: L 79 cm, W: 49 cm, H: 5 cm

Leander Classic Cradle hanging
Leander Classic cot

Leander Cot

Timeless design, combining form and functionality in a unique way; Sculptural, oval design with iconic curves.

Mattress measures 66 x 116 cm with curved corners.

Leander Junior

The iconic, oval bed has a timeless design that can accompany your child from baby to junior.

Mattress measures 66 x 146 cm

Leander Junior Toddler bed